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[MUSIC] The Workers - "Totem"

Whenever there are times that one has to call
upon the spirit to focus and reflect on things, there
is often one significant item that drives them to
do so. It’s fitting that Totem is the name of the
latest release from The Workers. The Workers,
composed solely of lead singer and guitarist Dan
Greenwald, (Will Hensley appears on lead guitar
with Doug Garnett on keys for this project) has
been a standout musician on the scene since 1991
and his first foray. Greenwald has also gotten
himself huge acclaim as a solo artist, winning
the ASCAPlus Popular Division Award three times
along with extensively performing throughout his
hometown metro New York area. Will Hensley has
also been responsible for mixing some of the best
recording acts out, with Coldplay and John Mayer
to name a few.

On this EP release, The Workers give you a full
dosage of a simmering blend of acoustic and
progressive rock that bears hints of Patti Smith
and REM throughout. ‘Big Time’ rolls into the
eardrums like a solitary wave on a morning shore,
with guitars and harmony remaining light in
spite of a somewhat introspective message.
‘Boomerang’ is ballad-like, its rhythms having
a slow bluegrass tinge that heightens the senses.
‘Deathrace’, despite the title is lilting in detailing
why we do so much and yet do little for ourselves
and others in this life. What Totem is, is a neat
package of music that soothes listeners fully
to their content. The EP is available now on their
Bandcamp page.

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