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[MUSIC] i am Love

When you first get the chance to listen to the 
self-titled album from i am Love, the immediate
feeling that stands out is a familiar warmth. That
warmth settles in under your ears and laps away
like waves at the edge of a beach. This is all part
of the group’s artistic aim, which speaks to a need
to generate good thought and feelings in every
note of their music. It makes sense for a band that
calls Philadelphia, Pennsylvania home. The trio of
Joshua Christopher, Will Whitmire and Kris Jackson
have honed a sound that is breathy, robust and
engaging in each track found on this effort. “Pillar
Of Salt” opens the album with a soothing tone,
punctuated by crisp vocals and buttressed by horns
that roll in like cumulus formations. “Pants On Fire”
gives off an ‘80’s feel with its rhythmic embrace. 
“Finest Hour” is a multi-layered gem with low and
bluesy horns that support a chorus of hopeful voices
in contrast with the lead vocals that give you a
bittersweet tinge. What i am Love have done with
this album is not only define their sound, but laid
out a mantra for listeners. The album is set for release
on January 7th, 2015.  


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