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[MUSIC] Dave Plaehn - 'Radio Sister'

Dave Plehn returns to the airwaves with a 
brand new album, Radio Sister, and an entirely
fresh new sound to go with it. Plaehn has
been in the spotlight for many years, with
last year’s release, Amos Got Soul receiving
a good amount of critical regard. This go-round,
Plaehn has re-fashioned his approach and has
come up with an album that emanates warmth
not unlike what you’d get listening to your radio
on a crisp fall day after the rain lets up with the
windows down. Radio Sister pulls you in by the
hand thanks to Plaehn’s confident vocals throughout,
which convey emotion without it being too sappy
or over the top. Overall, the album is laid-back
with bursts of slow blues and pop reminiscent
of classic AM on the dial. ‘I Want Love’ showcases
a reggae-tinged flair that envelops Plaehn’s vocals
like a glove. ‘Leadbelly Medley’ is an acoustic track
that lets Plaehn ramble through genres and show
off his chops neatly. ‘Hello Melinda’ is a striding
song with elements of bluegrass that would do
well on a pop chart as well as a breezy bar patio
out in Corpus Christi. What Plaehn has done here
with Radio Sister is not only demonstrate the range
born of years of musical experience, but produced
an album that’s gently engaging and magnetic.
Radio Sister is available through his Bandcamp page.

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