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[MUSIC] DZIERZYNSKI BITZ (Dzerzhinski Orchestra) - "I II III"

There’s a new rhythm out of the rollicking hills of Slovakia, and it’s 
brought forth in sweeping scale by Dzerzhinski Orchestra in their
debut album, I II III. This quintet is the brainchild of Wojchiech
Dzerzhnisky and since their formation in 2007, they’ve worked on
their unique sound which brings to mind a blend of British New Wave,
some hardcore and a bit of Polish music. I II III is subtly ambient,
every track sitting just at the edge of your consciousness like a
blooming plant on a windowsill. “Expedicija” is a head-nodder, one
that lends a haunting quality with gentle vocals above a charging
guitar riff. “Minuty” is an easy-going song that shimmers like light
on a street sign. “Povezlo” gives you a soft trance feel with low 
synths and upright chords that bubble throughout the song. For
Dzierzynski Bitz, I II III is a good effort that invites one to have 
a mellow mood. You can get the album at their Bandcamp link

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