NYC: Introducing The House of Bando...CHOICH!
Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 9:11PM
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This past Sunday, New York City was graced with lovely weather that smacked 
of spring rising. A buoyant setting just right for the opening of the newest art
exhibit that featured the work of Iona Rozeal Brown. Introducing The House Of
Bando takes up where Brown left off in 2011, with her paintings a vibrant and 
fluid mixture of Japanese Kabuki theater, house and funk music’s power, and
in-your-face-color. Consisting of twelve paintings arranged as an altarpiece, and
chock full of influence from the Byzantine Era, Kabuki and Noh theater as well as
the dance clubs, Brown’s exhibit seduced you with rhythm the moment you walked
through the doors of Salon 94 Freeman. With deep house playing, and frankincense
burning at the doorway giving off the aura of being at a temple, CHOICH was a
stirring introduction to this new body of work.

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