THE DOZENS...Mixtapes of The Year.
Thursday, December 29, 2011 at 4:11PM
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12 mixtapes, 12 collages of cool.


elZhi - elMatic

No disrespect to Fashawn, who did an excellent “Illmatic” revisit of his own, but eLZ
is and always has been a beast. He and Will Sessions made an album that could truly
stand apart from its predecessor. - Levar F.M.

Stalley – Lincoln Way Nights

One of the best mixtapes from an up and coming MC.  Hands down best
for content overall. It’s way too thorough for a mixtape category. It
can literally take on any album released this year.  - Stress

Danny Brown – XXX

Quickly becoming a favorite MC of mine. Detroit got MC’s and Danny
Brown is hanging with the elite. He tightropes the perfect balance of
hardcore lyrics with over the top delivery. - Stress

50 Cent – The Big Ten

Late comer in the year but worth the wait. Had the feel of an old
school 50 mixtape and was equipped with his sing songy hooks hard
lyrics and infectious beats it rivals, but does not beat out War Angel.
- Stress

Cocaine ’80s - Ghost Lady

No I.D. on the boards and a cast of talented musicians with Common at
the forefront make up Cocaine ’80s and provided this mid-summer gem,
the second of two EPs. Listen to this and tell me you’re not feeling it.
- Preach

Pusha T - Fear of God

1/2 of The Clipse, Pusha made 2011 his year for slinging clever metaphors
and this mixtape further solidified his position among today’s elite MC’s and
got him a roster spot on Kanye’s G.O.O.D. label. Anyone who doubts Pusha’s
influence can only look across the blogosphere and see how much this album
was part of people’s soundtracks. - Preach

Frank Ocean - Nostalgia

The NOLA native and R&B standout from the Odd Future clan made this mixtape
a bold announcement of his talent to the world…and still remained out of the
public eye enough to stoke up more intrigue. Listening to this mixtape, you got
the feeling that you were listening to the birth of a musical genius. - Preach

B.o.B. - Every Play Is Crucial

Bobby Ray has JOINTS on here. On “God’s Gift” he spazzes out lovely. And it’s stocked with
a nice balance of tracks with features and the ATL native on his solo mission. - K.Soze

The Weekend - House of Balloons

This Toronto singer pretty much made this mixtape THE go-to slow jam joint
of 2011. You know it’s serious when you hear it bumping out of Dominican hair
salons as you walk by. - Preach

Money Making Jam Boys - The Prestige:Jam Boy Music

The Prestige - Jam Boy Magic is better than most peoples albums!
- K.Soze

Cold Day In Hell - Freddie Gibbs

Serious hardcore rap with mellow beat production makes Freddie Gibbs’ effort
a winner here from coast to coast. Trunk music for the digital age. - Preach

STS - The Illustrious

Philly’s got another gem for it’s hip-hop crown right here with this
man’s mixtape. - K.Soze

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